Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Cre8tive Cafe Morphs into a place for me

Cre8tive Cafe was a name we had given to a group of friends who got together to create. I happen to work in a creative industry that makes products for quilters and crafters. We sort of expanded our working life to a pursue our various creative outlets together. Our group shape morphed when we all discovered that we each own a jar of white buttons. I guess all creative types do? So, we are now the White Button Society.

Since I started the posts at Cre8tive Cafe, I am shifting this blogsite to be more about me and my two passions and how they merge. Yes, I am creative, but I am also a professional marketer with years of experience in the quilting and crafting business. I have developed products, marketed them successfully to big-box retailers, and also had my share of not so successful products. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Waiting for Art

Raw materials, in any form are just waiting. In the case of our next get together, these raw materials are just standing by on my dining room table waiting for the artists to come by and transform them. I found them on ebay, and can't wait for my Cre8tive Cafe friends to turn them into treasures.

Spools and cigar boxes await all your inspiration.

Next Saturday, August 14, see you around Noon!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Invitation to Another Creative Adventure

Hello and Happy Hot Sunday!

I can’t believe how hot it is outside. The heat has thrown a coat of sluggishness on most everything this weekend, at least judging by my dog, my flowers and my need for a Sunday afternoon nap, though that small indulgence is welcome in any season.
At our last fun weekend we decided our next get together will be August 14. We had a mini-brainstorm to create something out of spools and/or cigar boxes. Sandy has a collection of spools, and I myself just recently procured 130 wooden spools on ebay, which everyone is welcome to access too. I have made a bid or two on cigar boxes, as well, but haven’t succeeded yet.

I have done a little bit of internet surfing and found some fun ideas. I think with a bit of paint, some felt, some glue, and of course some beads and we can stir up another fine mess of creative delight!

So please set aside August 14, let’s say Noon until whenever. My house is still set up with a couple big tables to serve as our work space, so please come join in. If this doesn’t seem like a project you want to work on, just bring whatever project you want to dedicate some creative time to, and join in the spirit.

209 Plum Creek Lane

Greenville, SC 29607


Looking forward to another fun adventure!


Monday, July 19, 2010

"Tomato Crops"

"Tomato Crop"
Debbie's work in progress on a Tomato Crop...
stay tuned for finished slice!
"Mother's Apron Strings"
This is an image of Susan's work in progress. Lovely and nostalgic the ticking drew her in, along with the simple freshness of the vintage flowers, and some remnant lace. Bits and pieces of her mother found it's way into this piece, including buttons, and finishing it off with transfer images of her mother doing laundry. And some real live clothes pins!!

Day 3 of the Cre8tive Challenge

"Summer Nostalgia"
Laura's weekend started slowly with a nice blend of conversation and color. She carefully and deliberately chose her fabrics in a quiet manner of a genius among us. Then seeing them all together on Sunday, we know that Laura's gift is color and bringing fabric into dimension.

Day 3 of the Cre8tive Challenge!

 "I love the way it sounds!" A great compliment to wearable art!

She's calls it "Fireflies" because the lights glimmer off the pendents that are woven through the fibers.

Edie's mark on the weekend has been to blend fibers and jewels into a lovely scarf, or belt, however the mood strikes.