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The great unwind..creating with friends

There is more to this idea than just getting together to have a good time and create. The fact is, that creative endeavors soothes what ails us. Women, and the fast-paced, break-neck speed of life need a way to just 'be', but often we can't get there. "There" being that place where we allow ourselves the experience of just doing, just being, just creating. 
There is scientific evidence that creating just for the sake of creating takes off the edge of our systemic stress, and when we relax, and do what comes naturally, without judgement, we can actually increase the dopamine effect (pleasant feeling), and when we can do a repetitive action, like sewing or beading, then the relaxers fill in the create a calm. 
Simple tasks, for me, like gardening, cleaning, cooking, when we disassociate ourselves with the stress of the outcome, can be pleasure experiences. Particularly if we just enjoy the movement, the immediate pleasure, the joy of being in that space where we are creating. 

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