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Thinking, thinking, thinking

Getting ready for a creative weekend...
Having made the decision to commit an entire weekend to working together in a creative endeavor can be intimidating. 
I question myself, and my ability, and I think that might be natural. I am, at once, both scared that no creativity will emerge at all, and excited and thrilled at the prospect of spending time in pursuit of that well deep inside of me that houses the realm of “possibility.” 
I have been thinking about what my 12” x 18” of space might convey. A tribute? A memoir? A color story? Should it be fabric? Canvas? What will my focal point be? 
I find myself looking at distinct patterns, colors or objects that draw me in during routine shopping, and even walking my dog! While searching through my closet for a pair of shoes, I found a old case that holds my 45-rpm records (remember those) and thought that might be a fun starting point.

And that is where the questioning comes in? Am I in my right mind? What kind of artwork would use 45-rpms? But it’s that kind of odd thinking that opens some sort of mind portal that allows the creative to emerge. Why not? What else goes in that direction? Run with me on my thoughts, roaring like a freight train; records, 8-track tape (just the tape), CD’s, silver colors, jukebox push keys, Elvis, velvet, old ticket stubs, leather, fringe, and all of the sudden...I am designing a mixed media project in my head. 
So then I start another...and another. Pretty soon, I am more excited about the chance to start the story.  I am even more excited about working together, and fueling the creative possibilities.  

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