Thursday, June 24, 2010

We have been GIFTED!

At our last get together, Edie gifted us. All of us in attendence were given a z Becky Brown bag... a bag with the marketing mantra of "Infinite Possibilities."  Since we are the queens of 'infinite possibilities' it looks like this is a match made in heaven, so to speak. Edie challenged us to create our own inserts into the z Becky Brown bag, and use our creativity to show the manufacturer what possiblity really looks like when it's infinite!

I myself have the z Becky Brown bag sitting center of the kitchen table, a mini shrine to the ideas that it could capture withn in it's clear finish canvas. The reflection begs to be filled with something wonderful. I traced out the shape of the inserts on three pieces of tissue paper so I could sketch some designs, since I would really like to use the whole surface area of the bag as a complete picture, instead of blocking the four sides of it.

I have decided to use felt as a substrate for the image, but I am clearly hitting the limits of the 1/8" thickness with the felt, so I need to affirm that choice with a test next.

Is anyone else starting on the z Becky Brown bag?

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