Sunday, July 25, 2010

Invitation to Another Creative Adventure

Hello and Happy Hot Sunday!

I can’t believe how hot it is outside. The heat has thrown a coat of sluggishness on most everything this weekend, at least judging by my dog, my flowers and my need for a Sunday afternoon nap, though that small indulgence is welcome in any season.
At our last fun weekend we decided our next get together will be August 14. We had a mini-brainstorm to create something out of spools and/or cigar boxes. Sandy has a collection of spools, and I myself just recently procured 130 wooden spools on ebay, which everyone is welcome to access too. I have made a bid or two on cigar boxes, as well, but haven’t succeeded yet.

I have done a little bit of internet surfing and found some fun ideas. I think with a bit of paint, some felt, some glue, and of course some beads and we can stir up another fine mess of creative delight!

So please set aside August 14, let’s say Noon until whenever. My house is still set up with a couple big tables to serve as our work space, so please come join in. If this doesn’t seem like a project you want to work on, just bring whatever project you want to dedicate some creative time to, and join in the spirit.

209 Plum Creek Lane

Greenville, SC 29607


Looking forward to another fun adventure!


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