Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Cre8tive Cafe Morphs into a place for me

Cre8tive Cafe was a name we had given to a group of friends who got together to create. I happen to work in a creative industry that makes products for quilters and crafters. We sort of expanded our working life to a pursue our various creative outlets together. Our group shape morphed when we all discovered that we each own a jar of white buttons. I guess all creative types do? So, we are now the White Button Society.

Since I started the posts at Cre8tive Cafe, I am shifting this blogsite to be more about me and my two passions and how they merge. Yes, I am creative, but I am also a professional marketer with years of experience in the quilting and crafting business. I have developed products, marketed them successfully to big-box retailers, and also had my share of not so successful products.